BIG KAISER’S Breakfast & Learn Bigger & Better Than Ever

Last week BIG KAISER wrapped up another successful Breakfast & Learn event which took place before DMG Mori’s Innovation Days. With an additional day this year, visitors enjoyed breakfast Monday through Thursday, followed up by informative technical presentations and the opportunity to tour our showroom and speak first-hand to BIG KAISER product managers.

Increasing the event to four days, created an additional opportunity to educate visitors on various topics. For those that couldn’t join us, below is a summary of what our product experts highlighted each day:

On Monday, John Zaya, workholding product manager, discussed workpiece stabilization and non-traditional fixturing for machining, welding and other processes. In today’s marketplace where part mix is high and volumes are low, the ability for a shop to thrive requires flexibility with the ability to change at a moment’s notice, all while maintaining part quality. As workpiece complexity increases, fixturing requirements also become more complex.

Tuesday’s theme focused on making the switch from negative to positive tool offsets. Pat Cratty, assistant product manager of the tool measuring systems, shared how setting up tools outside the machine optimizes spindle time and reduces the chance of human error. He also explained the difference between negative to positive tool offsets, how it saves time and reduces the burden on operators. For more information on this topic, click here to read Pat’s article in Fabricating & Metalworking.

On Wednesday, Matt Tegelman, applications manager and product manager of Kaiser products, and Nick Jew, research and development engineer, talked about closing the loop on automatic boring by automating tooling adjustment that bypasses the operator interface completely. They discussed the advantages of automatic boring vs. manual boring processes, breakthrough technologies aiding automatic processes and choosing the right applications for closed-loop boring.

Jack Burley, vice president of sales and engineering, closed out the week with his presentation on anti-vibration technology. Vibration and chatter due to long reach tooling cause lost productivity and is harmful to the health of machine and spindle. Dampened tooling systems can be the cure.

Thank you to everyone who joined us for the event. We always enjoy welcoming new visitors and reconnecting with familiar faces. If you are interested in learning more about the topics mentioned above, give us a call, we are happy to connect you with our product experts (224) 770-2999.

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