T-Slot Clean

Keep T-Slots Free of Chips and Coolant

T-Slot Clean is a cost-saving work safety product that keeps t-slots free of chips and coolant. This improves the efficiency of table cleaning and reduces setup time. When t–slots are not being used, operators simply push T-Slot Clean protectors into place, and t-slots will not collect chips or coolant. When it's time to use the t-slot, a key included with the set makes removal of T-Slot Clean protectors quick and easy. Users save the time required to clean t-slots packed with chips.

  • Features & Benefits
    • 3 sizes of T-slot widths (14/18/22 mm) are available to fit your machine table
    • Better machining precision
    • Volume control of heated chips
    • Insert pin provided for easy removal
    • Improve your work safety environment
    • Save the time required to clean T-slot packed with chips
  • Product Documentation

T-slots protected & clear by T-Slot Clean

T-slots packed with difficult to remove chips

Removal pin for easy removal

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