New Carbide Insert Improves Tool Life in Rough Boring Operations

ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL - BIG KAISER Precision Tooling Inc. introduces a new carbide grade insert, TN14, for rough boring on cast iron materials for improved tool life. Grade TN14 is made from a hard C2 carbide substrate and a multi-layered coating to provide a smooth cutting edge and high resistance to abrasion. The hard substrate and generous edge prep hone also provides excellent security against chipping or fracturing when boring with interrupted cutting.

TN14 is available in CC and SC style of inserts for twin cutter rough boring tools, the new insert grade will significantly improve tool life over existing multi-purpose grades.

BIG KAISER Precision Tooling is a leader in high precision tooling systems and solutions. With brands including Kaiser, BIG Daishowa, Speroni, Unilock, Sphinx, and more, BIG KAISER’s line is focused on extreme accuracy and repeatability. BIG KAISER’s mission is to support North American manufacturers with products that are designed and manufactured to a superior standard. Guaranteed.

Click here for more information on New Carbide Inserts or other BIG KAISER products. Or call 888-TOOL-PRO (888-866-5776).

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