Flexible, Adaptable 5-Axis Workholding Solutions Keep Spindles Running


BIG Kaiser brings flexible workholding to 5-axis machine tables by surrounding Unilock zero-point quick-change receivers with a grid pattern. The benefits of 5-axis machines are greatest when workholding is based on the size and shape of the workpiece instead of the limitations of the table interface. By providing multiple workholding opportunities, Unilock users quickly integrate most workholding products and keep their machine spindles up and running.

“BIG Kaiser’s unique approach to 5-axis workholding seamlessly fits into existing workholding solutions while providing the increased flexibility of Unilock zero-point solutions. Our clients match workholding to the workpiece and maximize the capabilities of their 5-axis machine tools,” says Gerard Vacio, Product Specialist, Workholding Systems. “We can also provide specific solutions for your dedicated production requirements. We interface virtually any workholding product that fits in the machine.”

Unilock quick-change components can be directly attached to workpieces that need to be held without any side restrictions or attached to frequently used workholding devices for rapid changeover. Operators need the flexibility to run both today’s products, and the products they have yet to encounter. Combining grid plate functionality opens up opportunities for BIG Kaiser users.

This multi-axis Unilock solution does not obstruct access to the tops and sides of the part for true 5-sided machining.

These quick change solutions are available for 5-axis tables as well as 4th and 5th axis tables on 3-axis machining centers. When quick turnaround for workpiece and workholding changeover is vital to maintaining spindle uptime, BIG Kaiser delivers customer-specific solutions, as well as off the shelf products. Solutions can be delivered ready-out-of-the-box, or production drawings can be supplied to clients who choose to build their own table interfaces.

Providing BIG Kaiser with a drawing of your machine table (or the make and model number) is all it takes to get started. Clients can also request production drawings or use third party suppliers. BIG Kaiser offers several flexible machine table interfaces, some of which can be delivered as turnkey solutions. We can pull workpieces down onto the table to maximize the available envelope, or elevate workpieces for complete 5-sided access.

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