One of the Most Impactful Tools in the BIG KAISER Suite of Products

AGU30 Universal Type Angle Heads.

One of the most impactful single tools in the BIG KAISER suite of products is often overlooked by customers. Plus, it’s supremely durable and has all the best features for those looking to save time making hard-to-reach cuts. What’s even more exciting is that this tool makes cuts possible that would otherwise require significant setup changes or even different machinery, because it combines horizontal, vertical and angular operations in one setup.
We’re talking about our AGU30 Universal Type Angle Heads. There’s something very unique about this head that makes it so durable and impactful. Instead of traditional gears, it uses a direct-drive constant velocity joint to convert the rotation’s angle and transfer power. This lowers the weight of the head while also improving the transmission of torque and reducing backlash. The results are better surface finishes in fine milling, even tapping or drilling, plus the impressive durability we’ve already mentioned.  

The AGU30’s flange structure keeps rigidity at a constant despite the angle of the head, unlike a swing structure in which rigidity is dependent on the cutting direction. The spindle angle is adjustable from 0°-30° and is easily adjustable using the scale indication on the body. The cutter head is adjustable a full 360° and BIG-PLUS is standard, ensuring rigidity and accurate automatic tool changes.

In addition to the AGU30, we offer the AGU90 Universal Type Angle Head with a more traditional gear mechanism. While it doesn’t boast the advanced constant velocity joint, it is adjustable from 1° - 90° with an angular adjustment index ring for 1° increments, but can be adjusted to any angle, down to the minutes and seconds of a degree if desired. It can be used to 6,000 RPM with 40 taper spindles and 4,000 RPMs with 50 taper. 

What’s more, we can add extensions or custom angles to these and all of our angle heads without sacrificing the capabilities that make them so impactful. You can watch some of our angle heads in action here, or read about how effective they are at bridging the widening gap between design and production—especially in automotive and aerospace and even with 5-axis machinery—here

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