BIG KAISER’s Boring Head Helps Company Serve New Industry

BIG KAISER’s EWN boring head was recently featured in an article on Modern Machine Shop magazine. The article highlights how Ansonia Manufacturing, the only machine shop in the town of Sonoma, California, discovered our EWN2-32ExER32 boring head and how this tool helped them complete a tricky hardware component job for a “live” glass art sculpture.

At the beginning of the article, owners Andrew and Jamie Storck share details about the complexity of the sculpture, specifically one of the seven parts which proved particularly challenging. Called a “lollipop,” this 7-inch-long, 304-stainless-steel component featured a 7/16-inch-diameter shaft and a 7/8-inch sphere on one end with a through-hole and a smaller tapped cross-hole to lock in the swivel component that installs in the through-hole.

The Storcks knew that a boring head would be needed to machine the sphere’s through-hole. As stated in the article, “at IMTS the Storcks discovered that the EWN2-32ExER32 from BIG KAISER attached directly to theexternal threads on LB 3000’s live-tooling station without the need for a collet or collet nut. As a result, the boring head’s insert was closer to the face of the turret station for better rigidity. They had found the answer to their problem.”

“After we installed the boring head and started running parts, we never had to adjust the head’s diameter or change the insert for the entire 1,200-part run,” Ms. Storck says. “That certainly speaks to the quality of this boring head.”

BIG KAISER’s EWN2-32ExER32 adapts to live tooling stations by removing the standard ER32 clamping nut and screwing the boring head directly onto the ER32 station. This eliminates the need for straight shank adapters and substantially reduces unnecessary tool projection from the turret.

To read the full article titled “Boring Head Enables Sculpture Hardware to be Machined on a Lathe,” and learn more about how Ansonia Manufacturing is using our EWN2-32ExER32 boring head for other applications, please click here.

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