Lubrication Intervals for Fine Boring Heads

Fine boring head lubrication gun

Q: Our EWN 2 boring head has an oil/grease fitting. How often should we oil this fitting? 

A: For all BIG KAISER fine boring heads type AW, EW, EWN, EWD, EWE, EWB and EWB-UP, the frequency for lubrication depends on use. If used daily, the recommendation is to oil the boring head every two to three months. The best procedure is to range the cartridge to the maximum diameter. Using a lubrication gun, pump oil in the unit until it stops accepting oil and then range cartridge to minimum setting. Excess oil will come out around the dial face (this is normal). If oil is excessively dirty, repeat the process.  

Recommended oils are Mobil Vactra No. 2, BP Energol HLP-D32, Kluber Isoflex PDP 94, or a similar light machine oil. 

Matt Tegelman

By Matt Tegelman
Applications Manager & Product Manager — Kaiser