Recognizing Manufacturing's Future

Quinn presenting to students at Rolling Meadows High School.

On Manufacturing Day, we proudly recognize our team, colleagues, customers, business partners and all those in the industry. We’re proud to be part of this community. 

As a proponent for the industry, BIG KAISER not only acknowledges those in the industry but also future manufacturers—the students studying to become machinists, engineers and programmers, who through curiosity and technology will advance this industry in ways many of us can’t even imagine. As a sponsor of GCAMP (The Golden Corridor Advanced Manufacturing Partnership), BIG KAISER works alongside other manufacturers and municipalities to address the skills gap in manufacturing through various programs in local schools.  

BIG KAISER recently donated tooling, a Tool Pro assembly device and workholding to the manufacturing and engineering program at Rolling Meadows High School.

Quinn Robinson, BIG KAISER intern and Rolling Meadows High School alum, gave a presentation and training session for the students of the Advanced CNC Manufacturing class on proper use and care of the donated items. The students gained some hands-on experience with assembling the tools and using the UNILOCK workholding system, as well as operation of a 112 Series boring head that BIG KAISER previously donated.

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