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Lug 2019
Exciting improvements in automation are already on their way—higher productivity, increased safety, greater throughput and less scrap. Tool digitalization provides opportunities for production improvements, like our EWE digital fine boring tool. It displays the actual diameter of a tool, makes adjustments much simpler and faster, and reduces human error.
Lug 2019
When it comes to boring, there are several factors that can lead to poor performance. Whether it’s long cycle times, short tool life or poor bore quality, any or all these factors may need to be addressed in order to increase productivity. Although different, these issues are often closely linked in a given application.
Lug 2019
TEAM PENSKE welcomed visitors to its race shop and headquarters in Mooresville, NC, for their annual Machining Technology Summit. Manufacturing professionals learned about new technology for metal cutting and went behind the scenes at this fast-paced motorsports manufacturing facility.
Lug 2019
In a recent podcast, Paul Lewis, regional manager for BIG KAISER, sat down with Alan Rooks, editor in chief of Manufacturing Engineering magazine, to discuss changes in recent years that have affected middle management at manufacturing companies.