WorldSkills Abu Dhabi 2017

Passion for workforce development has no boundaries at BIG KAISER, evidenced by the company’s sponsorship of the CNC competition at WorldSkills 2017 held in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.   As an official Skills Sponsor, BIG KAISER donated more than $70,000 of tooling to equip youth from around the world with new, high-precision tools the teams need to compete, but may not otherwise afford.

WorldSkills and BIG KAISER recognize the power of manufacturing skills and promote vocational education to the highest degree. WordSkills is a celebration of students’ desire to excel in various skillsets to be successful in life. The CNC competition involves shaping metal or other solid materials using a computer controlled milling machine and creating a part to specification.

The machinist operator needs to interpret mechanical drawings and specifications, generate a program code for the machine, set up tooling and workholding to get accurate results. But, it doesn’t stop there. The operator needs to control the cutting operation, inspect and maintain precision and accuracy of dimensional details according to the original print. Lastly, operators need to be informed and aware of methods to optimize efficiency and improve overall output. As you may see, there are many skills to master before pushing the green button – GO!

The competition can be divided into 4 important elements;

  1. Competitors working with CNC machine tools to shape metal or other solid materials
  2. Ability to interpret mechanical drawings to follow specifications
  3. Using a machining center to fabricate parts using cutting tools to remove unwanted material
  4. Competitors are required to produce metal parts using different practical scenarios

We are excited to be part of this organized competition helping youth to grow into the manufacturing world. Good luck to all in their futures!

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