Safely Assemble Polygon and HSK Tapered Tooling with This Nifty Benchtop Holding Device

At BIG Kaiser, we are all about making it as easy as possible for you to achieve the highest precision in the work you do. You see it across our product lines—in the wide range of presetters, the modularity of our tooling and workholding, our easy-to-use digital heads—just to name a few.

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Many of our accessories are even designed and built with efficiency and precision in mind. The small but mighty Kombi Grip is a standout example of this. The versatile holder serves as a safe and secure assistant for benchtop tool assembly and disassembly of both HSK and polygon tapered tooling. Its two-way clutch needle roller clamping assures a secure grasp at the tool flange periphery, eliminating any possibility of damage to the precision taper shank while torqueing in either direction. All you have to do is affix it to any sturdy table-top with four mounting bolts.

What do we mean when we use the descriptors versatile and for both HSK and polygon tapered tooling? The tool pot of the Kombi Grip was designed for multiple shallow taper shank interchangeability. Since the O.D. of the flange is identical between comparable HSK and polygon sizes, one unit will satisfy both HSK-63 and polygon C6.

The Kombi Grip is available for HSK forms A/E/F with sizes 25-100 and polygon coupling C3-C8 configurations. To see our full offering of tool assembly devices and other ergonomic accessories, peruse our performance-enhancing Accessories catalog here. You’ll find detailed specification of the Kombi Grip on page 5.

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