BIG Kaiser’s Experience at CMTS 2013

There was a diverse crowd earlier this month at the Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show (CMTS), a biannual event held in Ontario, Canada. A wide range of attendees, asking for everything from the most basic, one-size-fits all solution, to the most niche, precision products, took advantage of BIG Kaiser’s wide array of available solutions.

“We have engineers, we have managers, we have higher officials, a good cross section of manufacturing professionals,” said Doug Sumner, Product Manager, Tool Measuring Systems. “As they’re coming through the booth, they’re looking for process improvement, looking for new products. We’ve seen a lot of existing customers that are saying ‘Hey, we use and love BIG Kaiser, what do you have that’s new? What can you help us with?’”

One thing that makes Canada unique compared to US shows is the variance in demand. Most shops in the US are looking to shave seconds from production times, and improve accuracy by microns. Well, many similar shops certainly exist in Canada, as well. But there are also plenty of heavy oil & gas-industry shops in remote, tundra locations that are looking for more practical solutions – looking for more reliability in harsh conditions, etc. Shows like CMTS highlight this broad, cross-discipline demand from our neighbors to the north, and allow BIG Kaiser to shine in terms of sheer volume of possible and available solutions.

The products that we brought to CMTS, engineered by KAISER, BIG Daishowa and Speroni, were really intended to be focused on the customers’ needs. At the show, Sumner would help to select a product and develop a way of attacking that need, and help determine what project or product was going to fill that need, however varied.

“For instance, a 30xD drill – customers here haven’t seen that in our lineup yet, so they say, ‘Wow, that’s great, I’ve been looking for something like that,’” Sumner said. “Or, a milling head that you can use at high speed in both aluminum and cast iron that’s going to just give them a mirror finish. Just the wide variety of needs is impressive, and we’re glad to show them how we can meet so many of their demands.”

Click here to view a video from Metalworking Production & Purchasing of Doug Sumner speaking with Rob Coleman, editor of MP&P, about the new Speroni FUTURA CNC Shrink Fit Tool Presetter.

CMTS marked the first stop along BIG Kaiser’s Fall Expo Tour. Next up was the Wisconsin Manufacturing & Technology Show

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