BIG Kaiser Releases First All-in-One Presetter Catalog

We get excited every time we put “Volume 1” on the front of a catalog. It means we’re doing something we’ve never done before. In the latest “Volume 1”, Tool Presetting & Measuring Systems, we’ve combined all our presetter and measuring offerings in one catalog for the first time – products and accessories from exclusive BIG Kaiser brands, Speroni and Innotool.

Whether you’re curious about presetters, in the market for your first one or are just interested in upgrading current measuring capabilities, this brand new catalog will serve as a useful resource. It’s much more than specs and part numbers; the pages are filled with easy-to-understand explanations and diagrams of concepts as well as detailed descriptions and exploded images of everything from design features and structural benefitsto software and accessories.

And of course, the catalog includes all of the newest presetting innovations from Speroni and Innotool. Here are just a few of the most intriguing highlights:

DIASET Camera Type
The DIASET presetter is a budget-friendly option now available with some higher-end amenities in high demand in many modern shops. BIG Kaiser now offers the DIASET with a camera and 8” LCD touch screen option in place of the standard indicator & digital display board. This newcombination enables angle, radius and length measurements. Plus, two built-in USB ports allow for simultaneous data saving and printer connection, reducing risk of human error.

The DIASET is capable of measuring runout to less than .0008” T.I.R. and positioning accuracy of .0001”, while equipped with features like a pneumatic locking mechanism for both axes and a high precision rotating spindle with integral 40 or 50 taper (reduction adapters available for other interfaces).

Speroni FUTURA
This still-relatively-new product line won a Red Dot Award in 2014 for its design. This innovation is the result of more than 50 years of experience in the design and production of tool measuring and presetting systems. The FUTURA line represents the most advanced and capable  tool presetting and measuring machine in its class.

The structure is made completely of aged pearlitic cast iron for thermal stability. Micron precise Heidenhain® glass scales, state of the art Schneeberger® guideways and the largest and toughest recirculating ball bearing contact face in its class, guarantees the highest precision and repeatability along the whole system’s measuring range. A full CNC option is available, as well as a hands-free fully integrated and automated shrink-fit system.

The most intuitive and easy to use vision system presetter on the market is now available in a computer controlled version for operator-independent measuring results. Speed, precision and ease of use allows for fast and precise positioning of the axes. The combination of the CNC spindle and the CNC X & Z axis control delivers a full CNC MAGIS. You can now automatically execute measuring cycles, adding speed and precision to your measurements. The unmatched repeatability and quality will further increase efficiency and profitability in your operation.

An easy-to-navigate pdf version of the new catalog is available instantly here. To request a hard copy from BIG Kaiser, please visit

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