2017 Quintessential TOP 13 Reasons to Contact Your BIG KAISER Experts

You may already be aware of our BIG KAISER Manufacturing Representative’s expert knowledge and experience with BIG KAISER products but, did you know BIG KAISER has a deep reservoir with decades of professional experience in high precision tooling, workholding and tool management within our own house? These experts are BIG KAISER Applications Engineers, Sales Engineers, Product Managers and Electrical Engineers {Tool Measuring Systems}.

2017 quintessential TOP 13 reasons to contact your BIG KAISER experts:

  1. Engineers focused on End Users interpreting drawings to prepare proposals for part processing in the most efficient manner using CAD & SolidWorks design processes, preparing tools lists and process planning
  2. Abilities to understand and relate foremost technical applications/products for best possible application solutions
  3. Supporting Distributor Sales, Manufacturing Representatives and visiting customers for on-site trouble shooting purposes and refining specific aspects of an application – walking through the heart of trouble to solve
  4. Training which includes, operators to maintain and utilize tooling properly plus field and in-house product training
  5. Engineers/Product Managers are experts with ultra-high precision workholding and tooling
  6. Can explain quantum mechanics,(also known as quantum physics or quantum theory), in laymen’s terms to help your child ace her next math test. Whew!
  7. Evaluate and diagnose processes to reaffirm or suggest alternate solutions and eliminate/consolidate part processing steps for cost savings
  8. Preparing quotes/forms – http://bit.ly/2iWhcpp
  9. Our Engineers and Product Managers have invested years of experience to acquire this level of expertise…could be similar to your most knowledgeable and trusted automobile mechanic
  10. All Product Managers are equally adept for all BIG KAISER products however; each Product Manager does specialize in their own product group to take their knowledge to a higher level of detail. Product information not contained in catalogs or product releases – for example all component parts to an angle head tool.
  11. TMS Engineers perform installation, training and preventative maintenance programs for higher customer satisfaction ratings
  12. Matching customer needs with product functions through evaluations
  13. Understanding industry trends and how BIG KAISER can influence the market with innovative new tools

Now, after considering the above 13…er 12 reasons truthfully, you gotta admit this is reason enough dial a phone or e-mail our experts with a nightmare application you can finally put to sleep.

Remember our promise; Higher Performance. Guaranteed.

E-mail to engineering@us.bigkaiser.com

Engineering telephone # 224-770-2999 ext 254

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