Digital Boring

Jul 2019
Exciting improvements in automation are already on their way—higher productivity, increased safety, greater throughput and less scrap. Tool digitalization provides opportunities for production improvements, like our EWE digital fine boring tool. It displays the actual diameter of a tool, makes adjustments much simpler and faster, and reduces human error.
Dec 2018
EWE digital boring head.
"I just received my 112 Series Digital boring head, and the backlash is terrible! How do I return this head for a standard dial type?" Not so fast! Do you have a boring bar clamped in the head yet?
Sep 2014
Did you miss out on IMTS this year? Don’t worry some of BIG Kaiser’s key influencers and products were captured on camera for everyone to experience.
Jul 2013
Our next round of Focus Products promotions is now live. From now until December 31st, we will feature special deals on Sphinx 12xD drills paired with BIG Daishowa premium ER Collets, as well as our Unilock preassembled duo-chuck & aluminum pallet solutions.