Success Story Questionnaire

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Upon completion and approval of your Success Story being used for BIG KAISER promotional purposes, BIG KAISER will issue a $1,000 Material Credit Certificate good toward your next BIG KAISER purchase as a token of our appreciation for your time and effort.

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Company Overview
1. What does your company do? What makes your company unique?

2. When was your company founded, how many employees do you have and how large is your facility?

Life Before BIG KAISER
1. What brand/model machine tool were you using before and what is the application? (part being made, operation being performed, material, etc.)

2. What was life like before your new BIG KAISER tooling application?

3. What were the previous application metrics? (SFM/IPM/RPM, tool life, surface finish, setup time, cycle time, scrap rate, etc.)

4. Why did you decide to seek out BIG KAISER in the first place, and what specific problem did you aim to solve?

1. What specific product(s) from BIG KAISER did you purchase and are discussing here?

2. How does the BIG KAISER product compare to previous tools used for similar work? What are the application metrics now? (SFM/IPM/RPM, tool life, surface finish, setup time, cycle time, scrap rate, etc.)

3. Were there any unforeseen benefits, experiences or improvements to other areas of your manufacturing after implementing BIG KAISER?

4. What do you feel are the advantages of BIG KAISER products?

5. Were there any obstacles, hurdles or bumps in the road to overcome in selecting, sourcing, purchasing or implementing BIG KAISER products?

6. Pictures speak 1,000 words. Are you able to submit pictures of the application? (finished part or setup, action shot during machining, picture of tool(s) used, operator in front of machine, etc.)