5-Axis Duo Bridge

This 5-Axis Duo Bridge base plate can be mounted directly to the top of a 5-axis table or loaded through a pair of Unilock zero-point chucks. Two elevated Unilock chucks are mounted at 90 degrees to each other so one is out of the way while the other is being machined.

Each cycle, two parts can be completed. Special base plates can be designed and manufactured, so there is no limit to the machine table configurations that can be supported by this solution.

Features & Benefits
  • Dual 45° AFM105/65 Chucks mounted on a fixture plate
  • Process two workpieces at a time without interference
  • Turbo option provides over 2,000 lbs of clamping force
  • Two timing notches provide increased rigidity
  • Timing pins can also locate off the sides of the chuck
  • Plumbing is integrated into the bottom of the base plate