HSK Tooling System

HSK is a German acronym that means "hollow taper shank" and serves as the hollow taper interface that connects to HSK machines using flange contact.

ISO 12164/DIN 69893/ASME B5.62

Selected materials and strict control of dimensional accuracy for the optimum quality. We offer a wide range of standard holders to meet all production requirements.

Available HSK types include A, E and F. HSK sizes include 25, 32, 40, 50, 63, 80, 100 and 125.


Premium Material Selection

Since HSK is a hollow taper shank, the material has a critical role for optimum performance. BIG Daishowa uses carefully selected high grade alloy steels. Particularly, BIG Daishowa uses die steel materials for HSK40 and smaller where the cross section of shank taper is very thin.

HSK Type HSK Size
25 32 40 50 63 100
T .043 .049 .076 .102 .137 .204


Drive Key Form

HSK Shanks according to Form A are designed to carry out torque transmission by the round shaped key-way at the end of the taper. Because of the importance of this round shaped geometry, BIG Daishowa provides finishing of this feature after heat treatment.


Important Tool Retention Feature

Internal clamping of HSK tools is defined by the location of highly concentrated forces from the machine tool. Accuracy and position of this form will affect the rigidity, repeatability and precision of tool holders. BIG provides finish machining of this area after heat treatment.


Available in Turning Tools HSK Form T

HSK-T63/T100 (ISO 12164-3)