MEGA New Baby Chucks

High Speed Collet Chucks

The world’s highest precision & multi-purpose collet chuck system is well accepted and recognized by the market for its high-speed application and its guaranteed 1 micron runout.

The MEGA Series New Baby collet chucks are precision ground and balanced for high-speed machining. All components, including the body, collet, nut and clamping wrench are specifically designed for high-speed applications.

A new size is available to hold up to Ø 25.4 mm (Ø1.000") cutting tools.

High speed design, offered in six different collet series sizes. Utilizes ultra precision New Baby Collets, which guarantee a runout at the collet nose of less than .00004".

Two Way Coolant — Sealed Collet Nut

Uses standard NBC collets and has high dust resistance.

High Precision Collet, Close to Submicron

The New Baby Collet (NBC) is 100% inspected to guarantee accuracy. Material, production, heat treatment... everything is selected for precision.

All BIG Collets are AA Grade and inspected twice for accuracy.

Features & Benefits
  • Balanced for high speed machining
  • High precision collet guarantees max runout of 1 micron at the collet nose
  • 2-way coolant supply
  • Wide assortment of tapers and lengths
  • Only produced by BIG Daishowa for strict quality control