SPI - Simple Post Interface

Hands-Off Post-Processor Interface

SPI (Simple Post Interface) is a hands-off post-process communication with the machine tool control. Simply measure your tool with your tool presetter, print a label and place it on the tool. Scan the QR code with the SPI bar code scanner to transfer the offset data directly to your machine tool control's offset table.

Features & Benefits
  • Easily transfer measured offset data from the tool presetter to the machine tool control
  • Available for MT controls such as FANUC, HEIDENHAIN, SIEMENS, MITSUBISHI, OKUMA, etc.
  • Configurable to meet workflow requirements
  • Single device to post offsets to all machine tools
  • Additional functionality when integrated with INTELLIGO tool management solution
  • Optional UBI picking/deposit functions
SPI Scanning Tool.
32.230.201 SPI Server Software
32.230.202 SPI License
32.230.205 SPI PC Hardware for INTELLIGO Station
32.230.212 SPI Scanner
32.230.213 SPI Client
32.230.221 SPI NC Format — FANUC
32.230.222 SPI NC Format — HEIDENHAIN
32.230.223 SPI NC Format — SIEMENS
32.230.224 SPI NC Format — MITSUBISHI
32.230.225 SPI NC Format — OKUMA

SPI Direct

SPI Client

SPI Scanner

SPI SCANNER used as part of the INTELLIGO Tool Management Solution.

SPI Scanner used as part of UBI inventory Management.