Tool presetting and measuring system

The SPERONI STP MAGIS generation of tool presetting and measuring systems has revolutionized the value of entry-level tool measurement. The innovative MAGIS SIMPLEVISION control delivers all of the needed measuring features and functions in a user-friendly, clean and trouble-free single-screen user interface with unmatched ergonomic solutions.

The result - better parts, longer tool life, and less spindle downtime.

Leading manufacturers from all industries are taking advantage of the time-saving, accuracy enhancing benefits of tool presetters to make their companies more competitive in today's tight market.

Features & Benefits
  • The structure of the MAGIS is made completely of aged pearlitic cast iron in order to guarantee the best thermal stability
  • The solid design eliminates the need for frequent recalibration, guaranteeing the precision and repeatability of your system
  • High-frequency sub-pixel analysis delivers a 45x standard optical magnification
  • Integrated high precision vertical rotating spindle for robustness, reliability and unmatched precision