Simple Vision Control Software

The newly designed interface of Simple Vision Control Software is the standard software offered with a Speroni tool presetter.

Tool & Adapter Management

Integrated tool management for the storage of 1,000 tool assemblies and their specific tolerances. Adapter management and control includes an automatic zero-point monitoring feature which helps avoid crashes, rejects and machine downtime.

Autofocus Spindle

Autofocus spindle can be added in order to automate the important determination of the maximum diameter as well as the execution of the run out function. The cutting edge’s highest point is automatically measured independent of the operator and without any programming.

Runout Function

Automatic runout feature is the easiest and fasted way to determine your tool’s runout without any specific programming.

Features & Benefits
  • Single window graphical interface
  • Flying cross-hair
  • 45x standard magnification
  • Over 150 measuring icons
  • Tool management for 1,000 tools
  • Adapter & zero-point management
  • Print management
  • Dial indicator and runout functions
  • MaxP function
  • Full screen function and zoom to 120x
  • Base post processor
  • Data backup function
  • Optional auto-focus function