Edge Pro Control Software

The new EDGE PRO PC-based control and image processing system is the complete control for manual and CNC configurations. The powerful database allows for the cataloging of tool jobs, tool assemblies, zero-points and adapters as well as single components. Together with the CNC axis, Edge Pro Control Software provides an easy interface for the automatic measurement of all your tools.

Self-Teach Programming

Powerful, flexible and extremely simple to use, the EDGE PRO self-teach programming allows you to freely program any simple or complex tool your way. The generation of a detailed and customizable inspection certificate is also a built-in feature.

Connectivity to RFID Systems

The EDGE 2.0 system is ready to implement RFID solutions at any time for improved tool management and data communication.

AutoShrink Dedicated Software Module

Easy step-by-step and mistake-free dedicated software module guides the operator in the correct setting of any shrink tool assembly. Each step of the assembly and disassembly process is guided by clear graphics as well as text instructions for maximum user friendliness.

Features & Benefits
  • All features of EDGE 2.0
  • User management
  • Jobs management
  • Components management
  • Manual & full cnc management
  • Automatic measuring cycles
  • Dedicated measurement cycles
  • Interface to external tms
  • Interface to cam systems
  • Shrink management