Edge 2.0 Control Software

Edge 2.0 Control Software and image processing system is the complete control for tool management, user management, tool inspection and CAM interfacing. Rapid and always up to date traceability of all of the operations that are being carried out on the tool presetting and measuring system.

Database and Step Programming

Catalog and program all your tools in seconds either online or offline via the EDGE 2.0 RDL system

Tool Jobs Management

Easily generate group lists of specific tool assemblies needed for specific machining cycles on your machine tools.

User Management

Configure your system for multi-user access and different levels of use. Each operator autonomously defines a specific user ID and relative password and access level.

Features & Benefits
  • All the features of SIMPLE VISION
  • Full tool management
  • Pictures and graphics management
  • Autofocus management
  • Quick report management
  • History tracking
  • Automatic data backup
  • Jobs management option
  • Full post processor option
  • User management option