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SPERONI STP FUTURA is the standard by which all other tool presetters are measured. FUTURA is a high precision modular tool presetting system designed to increase profits and available machining time. All Speroni STP FUTURA models can achieve repeatable precision of 1 micron or better.

FUTURA is constructed with Pearlitic class 40 cast iron; this provides for added precision and consistency to measurements and increased system stability and durability. The first class quality and construction of Speroni tool presetters are complimented by a world class service and support team

  • Features & Benefits
    • The structure of the FUTURA is completely made of aged pearlitic cast iron in order to guarantee the best thermal stability
    • Micron precise Heidenhain® glass scales, state of the art Schneeberger® guideways and the largest and toughest recirculating ball bearing contact face in its class, guarantees the highest precision and repeatability along the whole system’s measuring range
    • The solid design eliminates the need for frequent recalibration, guaranteeing the precision and repeatability of your system
    • High frequency sub-pixel analysis delivers a 45x standard optical magnification
    • Integrated high precision vertical rotating spindle — robustness, reliability and unmatched precision — 1μ concentricity and T.I.R @ 300 mm of less than 5μ
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