Damping Bars

Smart Damper Anti-Vibration Shanks

Damping Bars are tool shanks with integrated damping system for highly efficient deep hole finish boring. There are six different Smart Damper basic holders for machine tools with DIN 69871, BT and HSK available. All executions feature center through coolant supply.

When it comes to vibration and tooling the buzzword you’ll often hear is “overhang,” or length-to-diameter ratio. That’s because as the overhang grows, it more decidedly becomes the most fragile element in the machining process and increases the chance of detrimental vibration. This is an especially common issue for die and mold, aerospace, automobile and oil and gas manufacturers.

Knowing that it’s also critical to have the damping elements as close to the cut as possible, most Smart Damper offerings are modular in design, allowing for an array of standard shanks to be adapted to create “custom” tools to extend over 16 inches, maintaining damping nearer the tool and managing vibration in long-overhang setups.

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Features & Benefits
  • Instantaneous damping of chatter
  • Better surface finishes
  • Higher metal removal rate
  • Coolant through