Retention Knob Clamping Spindles Now Available on Speroni Benchtop Tool Presetters

Elk Grove Village, IL - BIG KAISER Precision Tooling Inc. announces the development of Integrated Mechanical Retention Knob Clamping for CAT/BT 40- or 50-taper tooling for all models of Speroni STP-34 Benchtop Tool Presetters.

This new product enhancement provides features that previously were not available on Speroni tabletop tool presetters, but already exists for larger Speroni Esperia machines. The new system applies a tool clamping force of more than 150 pounds to seat steep-taper tooling into the tool presetter spindle similarly to the way it is drawn into a machine tool spindle, providing exacting precision and repeatability.

The integral spindle design can be specified in designated sizes CAT/BT 40- or 50-taper, for tools with MAS, JIS and ASME retention knobs. As with all newly developed Speroni products, the clamping systems are completely field retrofittable to existing Speroni tool presetter machines in the customer's facility.

Tool measuring and presetting machines not only minimize setup time and increase machine productivity through off-line tool preparation; they also improve tool life and accuracy through balanced chip loads. BIG KAISER offers a wide range of tool measuring and presetting systems to meet your needs.

Speroni Tool Presetters are available with preventative maintenance programs and service contracts to preserve machine integrity and prevent productivity loss. The service contract includes cleaning, inspection and lubrication of all applicable machine parts, verification of repeatability and zero-point calibration, plus performance evaluation and verification of all functions.

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