BIG KAISER offers entry-level Speroni STP ESSENTIA for tool presetting and measurement


Very accurate yet affordable Speroni tool measuring system now available in Switzerland

Ruemlang, Switzerland – June 14, 2018 – BIG KAISER, a global leader in premium high-precision tooling systems and solutions for the metalworking industries, has now made the Speroni ESSENTIA tool presetting and measuring system available to customers in Switzerland.

ESSENTIA is a robust entry-level system that guarantees high quality at a competitive price, thus enabling a broader range of customers to benefit from Speroni’s expertise. It is compact and can be used almost anywhere, making it an ideal companion for CNC machinery.

Christian Spicher, Head of Sales and Marketing at BIG KAISER, said, "“At the SIAMS exhibition in Switzerland, we received overwhelmingly positive feedback, with the touchscreen proving extremely popular. The new ESSENTIA provides the high-value winning combination of consistent quality and entry-level price."


The machine’s user-friendly interface is built around a multi-touch display and the Windows operating system, making it intuitive and easy to use by less experienced operators. The system is simple to set up and start using right out of the box, requiring far less configuration or adjustment than the more complicated and expensive alternatives. A new, user-friendly manual is integrated, and is equipped with a dirt-resistant foil keyboard with integrated LED display.

Its optical sensor makes measuring almost any tool a simple task, and high accuracy is ensured through its ergonomic design, solid cast iron construction and five-guideway system.

When clamping the axes, the position lock is achieved using electromagnets, instead of the previously used pneumatic lock. This means that Essentia can be operated with just a 230V electrical connection, and does not require a compressed air supply. With a simple thumb control, the axes can be shifted independently, or both together.

ESSENTIA includes Heidenhain® glass scales and a SPERONI high precision 50 taper rotating spindle, with an integrated calibration edge. It also features a standard ISO 50 reduction system and ultra-light axis adjustment.

ESSENTIA is now available from BIG KAISER for customers in Switzerland