Join BIG KAISER at its 2019 Breakfast & Learn Event

BIG KAISER, a leader in premium high-precision tooling systems and solutions for the metalworking industries, will be hosting its annual Breakfast & Learn event May 13-16. Each morning, BIG KAISER will be having a new technical presentation and serving a complimentary breakfast to get the body and mind ready for the day. After breakfast, head next door to attend DMG Mori’s Chicago Innovation Days.

Attendees can tour BIG KAISER’s showroom equipped with tool presetters, extensive tooling displays and zero-point workholding solutions. This is a perfect opportunity to talk to engineers, get a presetter demo and discover how BIG KAISER can help when it comes to achieving higher performance on the shop floor.

Below is an overview of the technical presentations which start at 8:30 a.m. each day:

Monday, May 13
Workpiece Stabilization and Non-Traditional Fixturing for Machining and Other Processes
Fixturing requirements are becoming more complex as workpiece complexity increases. We will look at how parts that have traditionally posed workholding challenges are being held rigidly and securely with modern-day solutions.

Tuesday, May 14
Making the Switch from Negative to Positive Tool Offsets
Learn how setting up tools outside the machine optimizes spindle time and reduces the chance of human error. Understand the difference between negative to positive tool offsets, why it’s important, and how it saves time and reduces the burden on operators.

Wednesday, May 15
Closing the Loop on Automatic Boring
Today’s machine operators are relying more and more on digital equipment to help produce parts. Discover the advantages of automatic boring vs. manual boring processes, breakthrough technologies aiding automatic processes and learn to pick the right applications for closed-loop boring. We’ll also unveil details on BIG KAISER’s EWA program.

Thursday, May 16
Anti-Vibration Technology
Vibration and chatter due to long reach tooling cause lost productivity and is harmful to the health of machine and spindle. Dampened tooling systems can be the cure.


BIG KAISER’s doors will be open all day long for visitors. To register, please visit