Covid-19 Safety Pack


As indicated by the government, the context seemed favourable for a - controlled - resumption of work. We at BIG KAISER have thruout the entire time kept up the service for our customers. Starting within the next week our Sales Manager will be available again as normal and also willing to visit our customers . The safety and health of our employees and our customers will clearly be our primary concern during this recovery.

We will certainly not return to our "old normality" for several months, but the possibility of resuming activity and the encouraging messages from you or the fact that you too are returning to the factories create a positive dynamic, beneficial to all!

To ensure all savety specifications our Area Sales Managers will visit our customers equipped with a BIG KAISER Covid-19 Savety Pack. This pack includes a mask, gloves, safety glasses and disinfectant.

Looking forward to renewing our ties, to rediscover our exchanges (positive and sometimes more difficult), to look back at our respective difficulties and especially to look forward to the future, we wish you a great weekend. May our professional lives resume "as quickly as possible but as slowly as necessary"!