Download 2D and 3D Tool Data with this Online Tool

Download 2D and 3D Tool Data

Did you know you can download 2D and 3D tool data with our Manuals, DXF and Step Search online tool? It is as easy as searching for a catalog number. As you type, the tool searches for matches and even provides a dropdown menu of possible results. Up to four different resources per match — DXF files, STP files, manuals and catalogs — will be displayed. As long as the resource is available, it will appear in the search results. 

Everyone has access to DXF files, manuals and catalog links, but you will need to login or create a username to download STP files. 

After gathering feedback from our customers, this tool was completely redesigned for the North American market. We hope that our customers find this tool helpful and that it will make their day-to-day jobs a little easier.

By Tylor Reed
Web & Media Designer