Why You Need BIG KAISER’s Portable Tool Measuring System

BIG KAISER’s tool measuring systems are reliable, efficient and now portable, with the release of the Dyna Line Portable.

Featuring a clear and easy-to-use electronic control panel, the Dyna Line Portable is a budget-friendly, non-contact measuring system that measures total runout accuracy at high rotation speeds to eliminate machining defects. Additionally, it can be used as a maintenance and evaluation tool for runout accuracy of a machine spindle.

The in-machine measuring system is suitable for a wide variety of shop environments, measuring only 232mm x 132mm. It is also ideal for use across multiple machines as it can be promptly adjusted and able to function with a power source of six C-Cell batteries, when necessary.

The Dyna Line Portable is a great tool measuring system altogether. It includes an eco-mode feature that reduces power consumption to maximize battery life and, for safety, has a timer that can start the measurement at a pre-programmed interval after shutting the machine door and starting tool rotation.

To learn more about the Dyna Line Portable, see our product page.