Which Presetter is Best for You?

Tool presetters improve efficiency by helping you dial in precision tool setups offline while machines continue cutting. They also help reduce the need for test cutting and ensure cuts are done right the first time.

A lot of factors may go into a company’s decision to invest in a presetter such as tool budget, accuracy needs, or even delivery time. It’s why we exclusively offer three different system options from SPERONI:

  • STP ESSENTIA – A space-saving and durable desktop device, the ESSENTIA allows for precision measurement right next to your machine tool.
  • STP MAGIS – One of the most intuitive and easy-to-use, vision-based benchtop models on the market, MAGIS is built with aged pearlitic cast iron for enhanced thermal stability.
  • STP FUTURA – The standalone, vision-based FUTURA is part of the most advanced and complete line of vertical tool presetting and measuring machines in its class.

To help your company figure out which presetter would work best for you, we’ve put together a helpful reference guide comparing these three offerings.

Check out the guide below, or contact our experts, to learn more about how presetters can improve your machine’s overall efficiency.

Ready to get started? Enter your shop's criteria to see which presetter will save you time and money.

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Which presetter is best for you?





















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