Tool Presetters Part of Winning Combination at Team Penske


In a shop where speed means everything, Team Penske relies on a SPERONI tool presetter to reduce set-up times on Mazak CNCs. Check out this short video with machine shop manager James O’Toole to learn a little more about what goes on behind-the-scenes at Team Penske in Mooresville, NC.

Speroni tool presetters have a cast iron base and column like a machine tool. This rigid construction makes it ideal for use right on the shop floor, not only in a climate-controlled room. Available in manual and CNC versions, tool presetters deliver fast payback by increasing machine utilization and reducing in-machine set up times.

According to James, it’s one of the most useful tools in the Team Penske machine shop. “You don’t need to stop [the spindle] to touch off every tool,” he said.

It also saves time when used to preset and check adjustable boring heads, reducing the number of test cuts in the machine. “Pair that with the digital read-out of the boring head itself, and it’s a winning combination,” James said.

As a technical partner to Team Penske in the NASCAR series, BIG KAISER supplies tool holders, boring tools, workholding and tool measurement systems to the race shop. We also share our technical know-how and applications expertise to boost their productivity and part quality.

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