Sphinx Micro Tricut Drill Reamer Now Available in All Standard Sizes up to Ø1.20mm on BIG Kaiser Shelves

Making a hole with very tight tolerances is often a two-part process. When starting from scratch, a drill is used first to create the hole. A reamer then removes a small amount of material to create a very fine surface and to a very tight tolerance.

The Sphinx Micro Tricut drill reamer can perform both in one pass. As it’s drilling a hole (it’s primary function), it approximates the performance of a separate reaming operation. This two-in-one tool allows for a more efficient cycle time without sacrificing the smooth surface finish that the reaming process provides.

The solid-carbide, three-flute design of the Sphinx Micro Tricut drill reamer results in quicker chip evacuation, while higher feed rates are achievable. It also provides added stability, enabling the Micro Tricut drill reamer to achieve hole diameter tolerances in the H7 to H9 range when working with steel, stainless steel, cast iron, titanium and aluminum.

We are excited to announce that the Sphinx Micro Tricut drill is now available off-the-shelf for immediate delivery in standard in sizes Ø.20-Ø1.20mm in Ø.01mm increments. It is also available in sizes Ø1.20-Ø2.99mm upon request as a standard item from Sphinx in Switzerland. With this added availability, your shop will no longer need to wait on parts, thus eliminating unwanted downtime. Additionally, a non-micro version and other drill reamers are offered on the BIG Kaiser website up to Ø14mm and 10xD.

For more information about the Sphinx Micro Tricut drill reamer or other solid cutting tools from Sphinx, click here.

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