NRL Receives a BIG Donation

Chris Kaiser and the NRL donation

It was very exciting when a donation of $4,100 was presented by Chris Kaiser, President and CEO of BIG KAISER, to the National Tooling & Machining Association (NTMA) at the annual MFG meeting near Jacksonville, FL. It is always a great feeling to give back, especially when we can support our partners and educational efforts that contribute to workforce development at the same time. The donation will benefit NTMA’s National Robotics League (NRL).

NRL is a manufacturing workforce development program where students design and build remote-controlled robots (Bots) to face-off in a gladiator-style competition. Through the manufacturing process of Bot building, students’ imaginations are captured as they design, build and compete with their own robotic creations. This hands-on effort along with industry partnerships allow students to gain practical knowledge of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) – all essential skills for manufacturing.

The donation was the result of a year-end promotion by BIG KAISER which gave back to the association a percentage of every order by an NTMA member company. Manufacturers placed their orders for cutting tools, tool holders and workholding products while earning funds for the NRL at the same time.

“The promotion was a way for us to support our customers and members in the NTMA, and to promote workforce development and STEM programs through the National Robotics League,” explained Chris Kaiser.

It is a common topic in the manufacturing community that there are fewer students able to work in the industry because they lack the skills required. At BIG KAISER, we continue to seek out opportunities that highlight the importance of manufacturing and workforce development education.

To learn more about NRL and how you can get involved in their efforts to develop the technology leaders of tomorrow, please click here.