New Angle Head Extensions Unlock Machining Capabilities

The advances in multi-axis machining in recent years have unlocked the creativity of machine shop engineers and operators. Innovations like the 5-axis machine center allow shops to explore different approaches to producing complex-geometry parts in more ways than ever before.

Despite these advances and considering the sometimes-prohibitive prices of these new machine tools, every shop still has parts come through that require a nearly impossible cut or tap, like that itch you can’t quite scratch.

Even as we explore the brave new world of multi-axis machining, one trusty, relatively simple piece of equipment remains as relevant as ever, offering a different way to scratch those pesky itches—the Angle Head. By allowing machining centers to adapt to vertical, horizontal and angular operations without repositioning the workpiece, Angle Heads can dramatically increase both accuracy and productivity in the kinds of jobs this new era of machining requires.

Recent news has made it even easier to take advantage of the accuracy and efficiency of BIG Daishowa Angle Heads. New extended reach Angle Heads are designed for drilling, light milling, tapping and key slotting in deep and hard-to-reach sections of a workpiece. They utilize +100mm (3.937”), +200mm (7.874″) and +300mm (11.811″) extensions on standard AG90 NBS Type Angle Heads to vastly increase reach – up to a 24” gauge length on one model.

These enhancements can be added to any BCV50, BBT50 or HSK-A100 taper BIG Daishowa AG90 NBS Angle Head which utilize the AA-grade New Baby Collet, the highest accuracy collet in the world with a clamping range of Ø.010”-.787”. BIG Daishowa Angle Heads are built with hardened and ground chrome-nickel steel spiral bevel gears, super precision hardened and ground spindles, and high precision angular contact ball bearings. They are the most rugged and dependable Angle Heads available on the market.

To learn more about BIG Daishowa Angle Heads from BIG Kaiser, click here.

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