Instantly Download DXF Drawings for Nearly Every KAISER and BIG Daishowa Tool Assembly

We want to make getting the right tooling and putting it to work as easy as possible. That’s why we make online tools like Electronic Order Assistant, how-to videos, product PDFs, various calculators and more available on You can find many of them here.

The latest of these online tools is the DXF drawing library search. Eliminate the guesswork and human error when programming your next job by loading these files directly to your CAD/CAM program. You’ll speed up your setup and have peace of mind knowing the most accurate tooling measurements are being used on your existing hardware per job specification. Plus, when used with 3D modeling software, these files help verify, troubleshoot and find solutions to your most difficult cuts.

We’ve made accessing these files as simple as can be—no login, password or email address required. Just type in a part number, or even just some of it, and the list of drawings available for download are at your fingertips. If the drawing you need isn’t available yet, in one click you’ll be automatically prompted with a pre-populated email that goes directly to our Engineering Dept. and we’ll be happy to develop it and get it back to you as soon as possible.

Search and download DXF files now!