BIG KAISER’s Speroni Presetters Meet Digitally Shifting Demands

BIG KAISER tool presetter partner, Speroni S.p.A., has announced a new partnership with a leader in the digital shift toward operational efficiency, MachiningCloud. Customers can now directly access complete cutting tool data from leading manufacturers through Speroni presetter controls.

“We are always looking for innovative solutions which will deliver significant improvements to the world of manufacturing,” says Speroni CEO Andrea Speroni. “This integration with the revolutionary MachiningCloud intelligent manufacturing application will deliver exceptional value to our end users.”

The partnership connects Speroni’s interface to MachiningCloud’s cloud-based digital product data hub that houses the most up-to-date equipment data. Automatically populating individual presetters saves time and decreases the risk of human error in tooling setup. MachiningCloud’s tool search feature allows end users to search the manufacturer’s catalog for new tools not presently in inventory.  Plus, customers can find up-to-date recommendations on cutting speeds and assembly conditions for given materials directly from manufacturers.

“The mission of MachiningCloud is to make much needed tooling information more easily accessible to those who need it,” says MachiningCloud Cloud Evangelist, Christophe Rogazy. “A partner like Speroni, which operates with a very similar mission, will bring even greater benefits to manufacturers.”

MachiningCloud’s tablet and desktop applications give users a variety of convenient features, including selector, configurator, advisor, tool package/job management and reporting/commerce settings. The software interfaces with CAM, tool-crib management, purchasing, scheduling and ERP software, giving users access to a rich set of features that ensure a greater and more seamless flow of information throughout the shop.

For more information about Speroni, visit For more information about MachiningCloud Intelligent Manufacturing, visit

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