What is BBT and BCV?

Sometimes our customers see our tool holder catalog numbers and ask us, "What is BBT and BCV?" Great question!

BBT is the designation for the BIG-PLUS BT taper, and BCV is the designation for the BIG-PLUS CAT taper. Conventional steep taper tool holders are supported on a reference diameter called the gage line. BIG-PLUS tool holders are supported on the flange face, which brings remarkable improvement to rigidity.

BIG-PLUS vs. Conventional

BIG-PLUS and their corresponding standard tapers are reverse compatible, meaning they can be used on existing standard machine spindles. However, simultaneous contact cannot be attained with conventional spindles. 

Visit the BIG-PLUS Spindle System page if you would like to learn more about this topic.


By Cory Cetkovic
Product Manager — Sphinx