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Spade Drills

Spade Drills

Spade Drills utilize the KAB modular tool system, a proven and effective connection providing the highest possible rigidity and accuracy. With today’s emphasis in modern machine shops being placed on modular and semi-modular tooling, Kaiser has taken the concept one step further by incorporating Spade Drill technology into the system.


A product of:

Spade Drills in action

Spade Drills are High Performance, High Production Drills

  • Production levels exceeding uncoated HSS drills by at least 50%

  • Replaceable blades are offered in two grades

  • Ground to exact dimensions and tolerances on CNC equipment
  • Eight KAB6 holders are
    offered to cover a drilling
    range of .531"-2.50"

  • Drill depths of 2-1/2x, 4x,
    and 6x drill diameter

  • TiN coated

The KAB System

Kaisers KAB modular tool system allows for unique and versatile tool configurations in conjunction with Spade Drill use. Coolant induced, extended length and obsolete design shanks, along with extensions and reductions, can all be incorporated into the system to give users the best design possible for optimum tool rigidity and length. Our application engineers can assist with your application needs and can offer a complete tool drawing to show all pertinent information.


HSS grade can be used to cover up to 80% of all applications. Offered in drill diameters of .719"-2.50", HSS blades are made from tough, fine grain tool steel (CPM-M4HSS) allowing them to be very forgiving in high production situations.

SC grade contains a higher cobalt content to provide higher wear resistance when drilling materials such as alloy and high strength alloy steel, high temperature alloys, and structural steels whose hardness is Rc 25+. Consult our recommended speeds and feeds table for complete application guidelines.

Solid carbide (C2 and C5) grades are also available upon request for drill diameters of .531"-1.375" for applications requiring the highest wear resistance. Consult our engineering department for details and information.