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Runout Adjustable RA Holder

RA Runout Adjustable Tool Holder

Runout Adjustable RA Holders are milling and collet chucks that compensate for the decreased runout accuracy of a machine tool spindle. Runout accuracy of a machine tool spindle can be decreased after extended use. Long drilling or reaming operations on such machines leads to variations in precision, shortened tool life, etc. The RA Holder is an effective countermeasure to these problems.

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RA Runout Adjustable Holder Comparison

Using the RA Holder Provides the Following Benefits:

  • Uniform hole diameter

  • Improves surface roughness

  • Extends tool life

*** Program based on BBT taper but other tapers available upon request

Two Types of Runout Adjustable RA Holders
CAT Shank BCV40/50 CAT Shank BCV40H/50H

New Hi-Power Milling Chuck Type

New Baby Chuck Type

Note: Other tapers available upon request*

Clamping Range Dia.: 20mm - 32mm
Gauge Length: 4.724" - 5.709"

Clamping Range Dia.: 2.5mm - 20mm
Gauge Length: 3.543" - 5.906"


Simple Design & Easy Adjustment

1. Rotate the runout adjustment screw and align the triangular mark with the peak runout

2. Fix the runout adjustment ring by tightening (3) lock bolts

3. Adjust runout by rotating the runout adjustment screw

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