Hydraulic Chuck Super Slim
Highly Accurate Tool Holders

Hydraulic Chuck Super Slim types are ideal tool holders for precision finishing processes in confined areas with drills, reamers, ball mills, end mills, diamond reamers and grinding tools. A wide variety of clamping diameters and projections to fit nearly any application in automotive, aerospace, medical, and die & mold.

Hydraulic Chuck Super Slim

Features of the Hydraulic Chuck Super Slim

  • High precision, smooth and stable cutting

  • Pre-balanced to less than 3g.mm (BBT30 models)
  • Max. 35,000 RPM
  • Runout accuracy less than .00012" at 4xD

  • Repeatable clamping, less than .00006" variance

  • Easy clamping/unclamping operations with just 1 wrench

  • Use only cutting tools that have a shank tolerance of h6

A Variety of Super Slim Hydraulic Tool Holders


Clamping Range Dia.: 6mm - 12mm
Gauge Length: 4.92" - 5.91"

BIG-PLUS® BBT30/40/50

Clamping Range Dia.: 6mm - 12mm
Gauge Length: 3.54" - 5.91"


Clamping Range Dia.: 6mm - 12mm
Gauge Length: 4.724"

Integral Sleeve Construction Makes the Difference for Precision and Rigidity

Compared with the traditional two-part construction sealed with O-rings, BIG Hydraulic Chucks are long lasting and maintenance free. Also, the rigidity is greatly improved by the short projection length and dual pressure points.

High Precision Runout Accuracy Less Than 00012" (3µm)

High precision runout accuracy less than .00012" (3µm) at 4xD improves the work piece surface finish and extends tool life. Repeatability is less than .00006" (1.5µm).