High Spindle
Multiply Existing Spindle Speed

High Spindle speed increasers maximize the performance of your high efficiency cutting tools that were developed for advanced high speed machining. The continuous use of machine tool spindles at high RPM's results in a shorter life span of the spindle due to excessive load to its motor and bearings. High Spindle reduces this load and greatly extends the life of the expensive machine tool spindle.

High Spindle

High Speed Machining on Existing Machining Centers Increases Productivity with Greater Accuracy and Superior Finish

  • Multiply existing spindle speed 4, 5 or 6 times
  • Reduced load to machining center spindle
  • High durability through advanced sealing method
  • Minimal heat generation
  • Maximize performance of cutting tools

  • Standard with BIG-PLUS®
  • Automatic Tool Change w/ stop block
  • Reinforced planetary gear driving system
  • High torque transmission
  • Multi-directional coolant supply
  • High precision New Baby Collet system

Rigidity Increased 1.7 Times

Larger diameter body, spindle with double angular contact bearings, and a reinforced locating pin assembly greatly increases rigidity compared to previous models.

Multi-directional Coolant Supply

Universal coolant nozzles are capable of being adjusted to suit the length of the cutting tool, ensuring maximum coolant delivery to the cutting edge.


Pinpoint Coolant Jet

A 1/8" pipe tap thread is provided so that various types of customer supplied coolant-jet nozzles can be utilized which will provide pinpoint delivery to the cutting edge of short tools.
(BCV/BBT taper models only)


Conventional Machining Center without ATC

2 different holder styles available, NT50 and cylindrical straight shank. Both offered for GTG4 model only, 15,000 RPM max. Coolant provided through stop bar.


New Baby Collet:


Clamping range: ø.010" to ø.787"
Collet class: AA
Runout: 1 µm at nose




High Metal Removal Rate


Cutter: Solid carbide end mill ø.236" / 2 flutes Material: 1055 Revolution: 16,000 RPM Feed Rate: 137.8 IPM Result: High metal removal rate 2.1 cu. in./min.



Extended Tool life


Cutter: Solid carbide drill ø.079" Material: Duralumin (A-2017) Revolution: 20,000 RPM Feed Rate: 78.7 IPM Result: Extended tool life 1,200 holes by 1 drill