Slender Drive Angle Heads
Reduced Body Size

The reduced body of the Slender Drive offers a higher degree of flexibility to machined components by allowing 90-degree cutting operations inside small bores. It offers a maximum speed of 2,000 RPM and is designed for drilling and light milling operations.

Slender Drive Angle Heads

Superior Quality Components Asssure Output Spindle is of the Highest Precision Possible

  • Six output attachments to choose from, three small and three large
  • Available in CAT40/50 and BT40/50 tapers
  • Automatic Tool Change w/ stop block

  • Fixed 90° spindle with cutter head adjustable a full 360°
  • BIG-PLUS® is standard
  • Superior quality components

Slender Drive Angle Head

CAT40/50 and BT40/50
Max 2,000 RPM
Bores from ø1.181" to ø4.921