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Ø.039"-40.20" (Ø1mm-1,021mm)

EWN 2-50XL boring head

Small Diameter System ø.039"-1.260" (ø1mm-32mm)

Through the use of an eccentric turning adapter, the EWN 2-50XL boring head, along with standard insert holders, can turn outside diameters up to ø1.260" (ø32mm) on machining centers. Radial adjustment of insert holder and counterweight allows for concentric location of turning attachment resulting in balance of the assembly for high speed operation.


  • Balanced tool assembly for entire work range of ø.039"-1.260" (ø1mm-32mm)

  • Through tool coolant to insert holder

  • Fine adjustment of diameter with precision graduated head

  • Short, lightweight assembly

Attention: Counter-clockwise spindle rotation required

A product of:

O.D. Turning Flv

310 EWN & TW Ø.63"-4.72

Intermediate Diameter System ø.63"-4.72" (ø16mm-120mm)

This program consists of four tool holders with KA6 connector, made for different turning ranges and with tool connections in the sizes KA3, KA4 and KA5. The corresponding 310 EWN precision finish heads or TWN rough boring heads and counter weights can be mounted on the tool holder either directly or by means of an extension. With this program, outer diameters in the range from ø.63"-4.72" (ø16mm-120mm) can be machined.


  • Simple and cost effective execution

  • Through tool coolant supply

  • Modular construction, extendable, for long work pieces

  • Suitable for boring operations

.827"- 40.20" DIAMETER

Large Diameter 318 System ø.827"-40.20" (ø30mm-1,021mm)

>>Click here to download more information on Large Diameter 317 O.D. Turning 16 MB

318 OD Turning

Large Diameter 318 System ø1.93"-18.74" (ø49mm-476mm)

The tool holder with KA5 connection can be mounted on any extension slide. For pin turning, it is required to connect the precision boring head EWN53 x KA5 either directly or by means of an extension to the holder. To compensate the imbalance, a second tool holder and a special compensation weight have to be mounted on the opposite side of the extension slide.

The 318 system utilizes the new KAISER CKN modular connection.