BIG Kaiser offers a variety of HSK forms in all the popular sizes - they're the most accurate and flexible HSK systems available. Achieve the highest level of precision and flexibility for your machining operations.

At BIG Kaiser we have premium quality holders and tools for all primary spindle types. Because of this, we have unique experience and objectivity to help you find the ideal tooling set-up for your application. We also offer a wide variety of modular solutions, accessories and adapters to help you get more capability out of your existing machines - and we have the expertise to help you put them to work.

MEGA Micro Chuck

Mega Micro Chuck's original design of notch free nut prevents vibration and noise. Vibration at high speeds is eliminated by a notch-free nut which offers superior balance and concentricity.

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Mega new baby chuck

Mega New Baby Chuck
is the world's highest precision & multi-purpose collet chuck system. Designed for high speed cutting utilizes ultra precise New Baby Collets that guarantee .00004" T.I.R. at the collet nose.

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mega eR grip

MEGA ER GRIP is a high quality ER collet chuck that completely satisfies the 4 requirements for tool holders; clamping force, concentricity, rigidity, and balance for high spindle speeds.

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Mega E Chuck utilizes advanced technology enables high rigidity and high precision exclusively for high speed endmilling.

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Mega D Chuck

Mega D Chuck achieves simultaneous fit on the nut as well as the taper shank to obtain rigidity close to an integral body.

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Hydraulic Chuck

Hydraulic Chucks are ideal tool holders for machining processes that require high accuracy such as drills, reamers, ball mills, end mills, diamond reamers and grinding tools.

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Hydraulic Chuck Super Slim

Hydraulic Chuck Super Slim types are ideal tool holders for precision finishing processes in confined areas with drills, reamers, ball mills, end mills, diamond reamers and grinding tools. A wide variety of clamping diameters and projections to fit nearly any application.

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Modular Tools


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BIG Kaiser offers a variety of collets.

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