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Mega Micro Straight

Mega New Baby Chuck

A slim nut prevents interference in applications with micro drills and end mills. Mega Micro Chuck's original design of a notch free nut prevents vibration and noise and offers superior balance and concentricity. This ideal nut design not only eliminates whistling noise and coolant splattering, but also assures increased strength of the nut itself.

The clamping range has been expanded to an 8mm capacity and a sealed nut for directed coolant delivary has been made available (6S and 8S body sizes only).



A product of:

Chip formation

Micro Nut

  • Slender design eliminates wind noise and vibration while maintaining strength.

  • Mega Micro Chucks
    BCV40/50 Mega New Baby Chuck    

    Straight Shank

    Clamping Range Dia.: Ø.018" - .317"
    Gauge Length: 4.724" - 7.874"



    Mega Micro Collet

    Compact in size, but excellent clamping force for precision small applications. Wide coverage (dia..018"-.317") is available.

    Mega Micro Collet
    Mega Micro Collet




    World's smallest interval of clamping:

    Mega Micro Collet: Micro Drills & End Mills
    Clamping intervals:
    Collet class: AA
    Runout: 1 µm at nose

    Mega Micro Perfect Seal Nut (For 6S and 8S Bodies Only)
    Perfect Seal Perfect Seal Perfect Seal

    Max Coolant Pressure 1,000PSI

    Through Tools - with PS Ring

    Jet Through - without PS Ring

    Suitable for eliminating dust and contaminants. The unique design of the Perfect Seal increases sealing performance with higher coolant pressure. Remove the PS Ring to supply coolant to the cutting tool periphery.

    PS Ring
    PS Ring PS Ring  

    Replaceable seal used in Mega Micro Perfect Seal Nut


    Spare seal is recommended when coolant leaks due to damage of PS Ring.