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Modular Tools: Kaiser

Modular toolholders

BIG Kaiser offers a variety of HSK forms in all the popular sizes - they're the most accurate and flexible HSK systems available. Achieve the highest level of precision and flexibility for your machining operations.

These modular holders feature the patented KAB or CKN connection for use with the KAISER high precision modular tooling system.


A product of:

A Variety of Modluar Toolholders
Modular toolholders Form-A Modluar Toolholder Form E Modluar Toolholder Form F

A40, A50, A63, A100, A125

E40, E50, E63


KAB Connection: KAB3, KAB4, KAB5, KAB6, KAB7
Bore Depth: 2.165"-8.268"

CKN Connection: CKN6, CKN7
Bore Depth: 4.331"-8.268"
HSK-A63 & HSK-A100

KAB Connection: KAB3, KAB4, KAB5, KAB6
Bore Depth: 2.165"-4.331"

KAB Connection: CKB1, CKB2, CKB3, CKB4, CKB5
Bore Depth: 2.874"-4.488"