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Mill Turn tooling

Revolutionary! The very first modular tooling system for turning applications. A modular turning tool system for Mill/Turn Centers (MTC's) offers better efficiency, material selection, heat treatment and optimal tool lengths. The serious damage on tool holders caused by broken inserts can now be easily and economically replaced.


A product of:

Mill Turn tooling in action

Dual Contact Modular Turning Tools for MTC's

  • Cartridges made to very close tolerances required for turning accuracy & repeatability

  • Many gauge lengths available in each style holder, and integral models are also available (Type S only)

  • Type S (45°) cartridges feature right hand, left hand and neutral approach versions

45º Tilt Style–Type S Basic Holder


Lead Angle: 3° - 27.5°
Gauge Length: 2.362" - 3.937"

17 kinds of Cartridge Type S for a variety of applications

Tilting the "B"axis 45 helps to minimize the cutting forces transmitted to the machine spindle. This force reduction increases the life of the machine spindle.

15 kinds of Cartridge Type S

With "B" axis at 45 , accessibility problems with the chuck or tailstock are overcome to minimize tool length.

overcome accessibility problems

Type S Cartridge Clamping System

Type S Cartridge Clamping System

Using highly sophisticated and modern machine tools, Type S Cartridges are made to very close tolerances required for turning accuracy and repeatability. The cartridge is located in the basic holder by means of a precision ground pilot and secured by 2 opposing radial screws with a 15º taper. With a slight offset to locating sockets, high
face-to-face clamping force of the two components is generated. To maintain precise locations and orientation, an additional locating pin is included for positive transfer of cutting torque.

90º Right Angle Style–Type F Basic Holder

90° Right Angle Style-Type F

Lead Angle: 3° - 32°
Gauge Length: 1.969" - 6.693"

19 kinds of Cartridge Type F for a variety of applications.
Right and left hand cartridges are available

5 different basic holders are available and all can be assembled with either right or left hand version of cartridge.

12 kinds of Cartridge Type F

Center proximity type cartridge is also available, minimizing tailstock interference.

Center proximity type

Boring Bar Holder

90° Right Angle Style-Type F

Clamping Dia.: .236 - 1.575"
Gauge Length: 2.756" - 5.315"


Simple and Positive Type F Cartridge Clamping System

Type F uses 2 clamping bolts that
presses the cartridge onto the basic
holder. The torque is transmitted by an
interlocking drive slot.

Simple and Positive Type F Cartridge

Square Tool Holders

Available in right and left hand.

45º Type

90º Type

180º Type

180º Multi Type